At Northern Virginia Center for Arthritis, Rheumatology & Osteoporosis, NVARO, we offer a wide array of rheumatologic care. We strive to provide excellent service. Our physician and staff are dedicated to put the health of our patients first.

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450 West Broad Street, Suite 400
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450 West Broad Street, Suite 400

Falls Church, VA 22046

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Testimonial 1

“I have been going to Dr Ahmed for over ten years and wouldn’t go to any other Rheumatologist. Dr Ahmed is a excellent doctor. She is very caring and compassionate. Her amazing knowledge and dedication to her patients is surpassed by no other doctors in her area of expertise. She spends the time listening to your concerns, is very thorough and doesn’t rush you – she really cares about you as a patient. Rarely will you find a doctor who calls you after hours to discuss and reassure you of your test results. I highly recommend Dr. Ahmed to anyone who is looking for a great Rheumatologist.” ~Karen B

Testimonial 2

“Dr. Ahmed takes the health of her patients seriously. Her diligence with me enabled us to identify a rare disease I’ve acquired. We went through various tests to determine my health issue – all were coming back negative. But she knew something was wrong so she continued to send me to other specialist for continuous testing. Working with her colleagues, we identified my health issue and was able to be enrolled in a NIH research study. Dr. Ahmed will spend time with you discussing options and outcomes. She’ll stay till all your questions are answered. Her commitment to her patients is reassuring and so valuable. As I’ve become healthier, my time with Dr. Ahmed becomes less, but her commitment to my continued health remains. I actually asked her for referrals on other normal medical procedures as I trust her judgement. She has developed a wonderful ‘resource team’ of colleagues. I strongly recommend Dr. Ahmed to anyone!!” ~D. Thomas

Testimonial 3

“Dr. Ahmed is an excellent doctor. I will always be grateful to her for diagnosing my rheumatoid arthritis and treating it successfully for more than a decade. Five years ago, when I experienced neck pain and stiffness, Dr. Ahmed ordered tests thought to be arthritis related and discovered a tumor growing on my cervical spine. She sent me to a neurosurgeon who removed the tumor, improved the quality of my life and perhaps saved my life. I thank Dr. Ahmed for being thorough and finding this tumor. I still see her for monitoring my RA and medication. Every visit, I thank her again for helping me stay well and healthy. She is highly skilled in her field; she works to get to the source of a problem. Her manner is professional. I know that she cares and I feel so fortunate to have her as my doctor.” ~B. Jones II

Testimonial 4

“I have been a patient of Dr. Ahmed for about 10 years. I am extremely happy with my relationship with this wonderful doctor. She is very informative, extremely easy to speak with and answers all of my questions. Dr. Ahmed is my favorite physician in Northern VA and I highly recommend her.” ~Mary